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Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi In The United States Of America

Though he passed awayin the Netherlands outside of his native Israel, recently, in 1988,Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi, the lead vocalist ofSteel Forest, out of Amsterdam, in the middle of the photo you are viewing, below, while on Tourist Visa in Dallas, Texas.
Being from Israel, Shmuel spoke to me about Israel's King Solomon, and how he believed my family to be descendants of the wisest King Israel ever had.
I seldom saw blacks representative on the world stage from there, so I shrugged it off.
But Samuel, with the English pronunciation of his Hebrew name, Shmuel, actually prophesied to me (the first night we met) that I would become a great poet if I started writing poetry. 
He even asked me to be the godfather to his child that his wife, Ronit, was carrying. Sam, who saw things in me that no one else could see, also asked me to represent him in America. 

I will voluntarily, for nonbelievers, take a "Lie Detector Test" to prove that in …

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