Making My Case For Justice

Instead of the psychiatrist, James G. Shupe, evaluating me in his office, unfortunately, for me, he decided on his friend's office located off of International Parkway. It all started with my court appointed attorney, Jeff Richter, so read his letter very carefully, and you should conclude that Jeff Richter, whom I recently discovered was a former Assistant Criminal District Attorney, in Collin County, had already, before even talking to me and hearing what actually happened for my name to appear on the check, was trying to frighten me into a plea bargain with the State Of Texas, but I ultimately fired him, which made a lot folks angry enough to get off my "BOND" and throw me back in jail on the day I appeared in court to officially release him.

My younger brother, Michael, who drove me to McKinney, Texas to meet with whom I believed was a snake in the grass, will tell anyone how many times I kept pleading my innocence, and asking for a trial, but instead, Mr. Richter came to me with an idea of a psychiatric evaluation, and that's when I said to my brother, "These people just didn't want to believe me!" 

And though the psychiatrist, Dr. James G. Shupe's office was located in Irving, Texas, for some odd reason, he set the appointment for us to talk at his friend's office on International Parkway. But why not his own office? I soon got the message.

Suspicious Letter To Stanley Mathis From His Attorney

Dear Mr. Mathis:

I have recently been appointed to represent you as your attorney on the above-referenced matter(s). When my schedule allows I will visit with you at the Collin County jail to discuss your particular case, your rights under the law and any questions you may have.

In the meantime, please feel free to write me with any questions you have regarding your case(s) and/or with any information that you want me to have.

I did appear today in the 366th District Court on your behalf and spoke with prosecutor Art Maldonado regarding the State's case against you and any plea bargain offer they could make.

Their evidence is that they believe you used a chemicle agent to wash a check that wasn't intented for you and make it appear as though it was written payable to you. The owner of the account it was written on says the check was not written to you, and your finger print is on the check to prove that you possessed it. 

The state is offering you (2) years confinement in the state jail facility in return for a plea of guilty. The state's attorney believes you have enough priors so that they could enhance your punishment level up to a 3rd degree felony (2 to 10 years confinement is the punishment range for that) if you do not accept their plea bargain offer of two years. 
Please write me back as soon as possible and let me know about any questions you may have. Also, let me know what you want to do with the State's plea offer.

NOTE: My appointed attorney, Jeff Richter - LinkedIn, court ordered a mental evaluation for me because I kept requesting a trial. I deserve SSI (and millions more) for what Dr. James G. Shupe (and friends) are putting me through.

Is Dr. Shupe a Mormon after us? 

Dr. Shupe graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Perhaps he held something against me?

Calling For Mental Health Legislation

We're calling for, and there should be legislation passed in Congress that says, "A psychiatrist may have no conversations with their prospects and/or patients without a tape recorder on, so their reports, and record will accurately reflect all that is said within the session".

Read Dr. Shupe's Psychiatric Evaluation Report

Re: Stanley Mathis
NO: 366-80978-03

Prior to my examination of Mr. Mathis I discussed with him the reason for the evaluation. I explained to him all his rights regarding the evaluation under these conditions.

I examined Mr. Mathis on June 11, 2004 at the office of Dr. Chris Carson in Plano, Texas. The examination lasted for approximately two hours. I also spoke with his brother who had driven Mr. Mathis to the appointment. I later exmained Mr. Mathis' website at

It is my opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that Mr. Mathis is not competent to stand trial secondary to his mental illness. I do believe that with appropriate mental health treatment Mr. Mathis may become competent to stand trial in the forseeable future.

Mr. Mathis reported that he was born and reared in the metroplex. He said that he was "one of the most famous historical people in America", but could never focus enough to tell me about his formal education. He would repeatedly derail to discussions of his accomplishments such as "I was voted the best poet of the twentieth century".

He denied ever being married, but said he had two sons.One son is incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and he has no idea where his other son is located. Mr. Mathis informed me that he had been homeless for the last three years and that he runs his internet site from the Dallas Public Library. Mr. Mathis has in the past lived with both himself and their sister.

The brother reported Mr. Mathis left his house because he could not get along with his wife's dog. Mr. Mathis denied any past psychiatric treatment. He admitted to a suicide attempt by overdoes in 1981. He was released after medical stabilization. He also said he was on suicide watch during his past incarceration in Lew Sterrett Justice Center.

His brother said that Mr. Mathis did better when their mother was alive and he was living with her.Their mother died at Charlton Methodist Hospital several years, ago.

On mental status examination Mr. Mathis was alert and oriented to person, place, and time. He was clean and dressed in camouflage pants with a tee shirt. Mr. Mathis repeatedly stood up during the examination and would pace the office and act out different events that he was describing to me. He would repeatedly skip from one unrelated subject to another, after talking in such a rapid manner that I would have to ask him multiple questions to clearify what he was attempting to tell me. His long term memory was distorted by his psychosis but was otherwise intact as judged by consultation with his brother.

Mr. Mathis' intelligence is in the average range. His thought process is very disorganized as evidenced by his inability to remain on the same subject for even one sentence. He made non stop grandiose and paranoid statements. He repeatedly talked about his belief that the reason he did not make any money on his web site was because of a conspiracy by the Bush family.

This somehow connected to the fact that his mother had died at Charlton Methodist hospital. He informed me that his "works" are being controlled by the Dallas Historical Society and he can "sit up and write for forty-eight hours straight when the visions come to me".

Mr. Mathis has a limited factual and a completely irrational understanding of the charges against him. He is able to give an accurate description of the roles of different courtroom personnel. However, he is completely delusional about what these individuals are actually doing in his case. He believes the Judge and the District Attorney are controlled by the Bush family and "these white Asian people." He also believes that his attorney is investigating him for the state.


AXIS I: Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Type, Provisional

AXIS II: Deferred
AXIS III: Severe Social Stressors
AXIS IV: Current Global Functioning = 30 (severe impairment)

Consider Nova & PBS Amazing Priesthood DNA Report On A Lost Tribe Of Israel

Dr. Shupe Was A Man On A Mission

Dr. Shupe wasn't even paying attention when I informed him that I was born in Vivian, Louisianna. I have never told anyone I was born in the Dallas metroplex.

And regarding my average IQ. I presented my IQ Score of 120 (which I still have copies of) to Dr. Shupe who informed me that it didn't meet the academic standard, and was inferior to the tests he'd taken. I'd like to also add, that, my mother was on medication that had her hallucinating, and that's why I needed to stay with her. They had her frightened.

My mother asked me to be her caretaker before giving me "Power of Attorney' over her estate. She knew I was a caring individual who understood how to take care of business, because I read documents. I hate to sound my own trumpet, but I have no other choice when people are out to ruin my professional name, and no law inforcement authority, or attorney, it seems, can't do a thing about it.

Now, knowing what we've learnt about Jeff Richter - LinkedIn being a former Assistant Criminal District Attorney, in Collin County, it is quite possible that he was trying to be the ear for their District Attorney in my case. But there was nothing there until he, playing god, created something.

I also want to address the situation with my brother's dog. Dr. Shupe asked me why did I leave the comfort of my brother's home? At which time I responded that my brother's dog was very protective of their house, and when I would head toward their door to go outside, this pretty large dog would come at me trying to bite me, and I'd have to run out the house all the time.

My brother said he shared somewhat the same story about how his dog was running me out their house every chance he got. I said to his wife oneday that if the dog weren't theirs I would do something to him, in kidding, and boy did she go off on me. My brother's wife is the reason I left because, I didn't want trouble between them. My brother will verify this. Dr. Shupe stated it in such a way that one would think I was trying to talk to dogs, or something? Again, very deceptive..

Being a man who came out of prison, in 1987, with a covenant to follow my Spirit after praying for compassion, vision, and wisdom, I am the most focused individual I know. However, Dr. Shupe is the only Forensic Psychiatrist in our area, and his mission, I believe, is to provide the State Of Texas' Mental Institutions more patients, period. I met some wonderful Caucasian women in Wichita Falls who had the same kind of problems with his lying and fabricating stories aganist them. One very nice lady was a former imployee with our I.R.S. I felt really bad for her.

Each statement I've underlined, above, by this confidence "con" man are all fabricated lies constructed from a demonic perception he has of me, and my people, is my opinion. I have never in my life used the term "white Asians," though I believe he's referring to the white Jews.

His arrogance informed him that I wasn't intelligent enough to descern it in his report. What do you think he's up to?

And about me saying "I can sit up and write for forty-eight hours straight when the visions come to me". Well, that was me explaining to him about when I asked Jesus in my prayer to give me a "vision" that would create permanent jobs in every community in the country because the Sr. President Bush was taking a beating in our media about the all the downsizing throughtout America, in 1987. You remember they all saying, 'It's the economy stupid!"

I thought about it, and thought about, until I started to envision a nationwide permanent jobs creation plan secured by the Federal Crime Insurance Program, and I immediately got my yellow legal pad and ink pen to start writing. I informed Dr. Shupe that Project Safer America, my domestic economic investment strategy, kept me up 48 hours straight writing. The energy from being so excited about what I had received from God kept me up until I was completed.

Also, I've never, ever, told (anyone) that I was "voted the best poet of the twentieth century," nor did I say to Dr. Shupe that I was "one of the most famous historical people in America". To be famous is be well known. I was homeless, but famous among them, and requested that someone go out among the homeless people at the Austin Street Centre, where I resided, and asked anyone questions about my character. They weren't interested.

I simply informed Dr. Shupe that I was voted, in 1999, one of the "Best Poets" of the 20th century by the International Library of Poetry, and gave him about (200) pages of poems, poetry galley proofs, a few citations from Lexington, Manchester, and Marquis Who's Who in America, a couple of invites I received from the late noted Washington Post Journalist, Jack Anderson, who, at the time was Chairman of the Board for the International Platform Association, the oldest, and one of the most prestigious and influential international associations in the U.S., founded, in 1831, by Daniel Webster, as the American Lyceum Association.

President Abraham Lincoln, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Jimmy Carter, President Gerald Ford, President John F. Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Admiral Stansfield Turner, Henry Kissinger, Dr. Martin Luther King, Victor Borge, Dixie Carter, Hal Holbrook, Pearl Bailey, Liv Ullmann, Ann Landers, Lowell Thomas, Jesse Jackson, and Barbara Walters, as well as many other great speakers, and notables, were also members. Some IPA members of an era passed are still living.

Dr. Shupe took my partial estate copy and scanned it in about 5 seconds right in front of my face, with a smile,  and that's when I went off on his arrogance toward me. It was heard throught the office because I knew, then, I was about to be railroaded, again. And the lies in my medical file got worse once I got to Wichita Falls Mental Institution.

There's no telling what all is in my file, but an example would  be the time I met with my team, and they started smiling, before the lead case manager frabricated a story about me telling them, and they all agreed, that I said oneday President George W. Bush and his men was going to rescue me in his helicopter, or something? It made me laugh, because I couldn't believe these evil people hated me that much for whatever reason?

Imprisoned Three Times Now
I was treated real bad the last time I was literally railroaded through Texas' Criminal Jutice System, and made to feel that my life (and contributions to American culture) was worthless to the powers that be in Collin County. There is an arrogance on this earth that is getting harder for our young to stomach. Arrogance can blind the mind.

 The angels of Satan, who are racists, cowards, and sellouts of their own people, has sabotaged the photograph of my mother, and I, that I uploaded onto the internet inside my MySpace account over three years, ago. I've never been so vain as to want to take photos of myself all the time. I'm not beautiful. I'm old.

The result of my experience in Collin County?
Unfortunately, in the end, I plea bargained with the good old boys there because the medical establishment had frightened me to the point that I believed I would die in their mental institution (via over prescribed medications) if I hadn't co-oporated with those who had controlled my life since I took a stand for my civil right to have a fair trial on a $1200.00 stolen check I was setup on via my "John Hancock".

How else does one explain Wichita Falls State Mental Hospital increasing my "court ordered 3 months evaluation" two months for no good reason other than my still wishing to have a trial when I was asked about it.

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